Solar Monitoring & Maintenance

One of the great things about solar is that the solar system is very low maintenance. There are no moving parts. Dusty solar panels will decrease your solar output, so if you live in a low-dust climate with occasional rain, you may need to go on your roof to rinse off those panels once a year. Other than that your panels require very little maintenance.

Solar Monitoring Devices and Services

The best way to make sure you’re getting the most solar potential out of your solar system is through Sunroof Solar’s optional monitoring service. Sunroof Solar will monitor how your system performs and provide you with quarterly reports.

Optimize Performance

Your system is expected to produce a certain amount of power during each month. Sunroof Solar’s monitoring system can tell you if your system is off line or if it’s not performing as expected and run diagnostic programs.

Green Stats

Solar monitoring systems can also be educational, showing you how much power you’ve saved, how much CO2 you’ve saved, and how much money you’ve saved.

Monitoring on the Go

Depending on the Sunroof Solar monitoring service you choose, you may be able to access your information from the web, from a wall mounted-device, or even from your iPhone or other mobile device.

Easier Management

While not essential, Sunroof Solar’s monitoring service does make troubleshooting and system performance easier to manage.

Great for the Bottom Line,

Great for the Planet.

Try our solar estimator to see how much you could save with solar. Sunroof Solar can also provide you with a detailed solar site assessment and price quote. Let us help you invest in your energy future.