Design & Install Process

After you sign your Sunroof agreement, you’re ready for solar installation. You don’t have to lift a finger because we take care of everything from scheduling to submitting permits, to working with the local municipality or City. Naturally you’ll have questions, and we’ll be right there with you answering them every step of the way.

What Can You Expect?

Step 1: Site Assessment & Design

A technician will visit you in your home to confirm your system design, verify measurements, and adjust for shade and obstructions on your roof.

Timing: 1-2 weeks

Step 2: Permitting

Once you give the green light we’ll submit your design for permitting. The timing now depends on how quickly the local power utility works and can take up to six weeks.

Timing: 2-6 weeks

Step 3: Installation

After your permit is granted we’ll get to work installing new panels on the roof!

Timing: 2-5 days

Step 4: Inspections & Utility Interconnection

When installation is finished, the power utility will install a net meter that allows you to sell unused power back to the utility for a credit. They will also do a final inspection at this time.

Timing: 2-4 weeks

Step 5: Power Up and Start Saving

You’re free to flip the switch and start generating clean, affordable, money-saving energy right from your roof. Congratulations, you’re in!

Great for the Bottom Line,

Great for the Planet.

Try our solar estimator to see how much you could save with solar. Sunroof Solar can also provide you with a detailed solar site assessment and price quote. Let us help you invest in your energy future.