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The world of solar energy and its impact on communities around the world is constantly changing. Check out some articles below about what is happening around the world, including trends, advancements, legislation, and more.

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A Balanced Look at the Future Sources of Energy

Low prices for coal and gas are likely to persist, but will fail to prevent a fundamental transformation of the world electricity system over coming decades towards renewable sources such as wind and solar, and towards balancing options such as batteries. The latest long-term forecast from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, entitled New Energy Outlook 2016, […]

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What will Solar PV market look like in 2020?

Historically, PV installations were driven mainly by government subsidies offered by well developed countries as part of their environmental strategies. They wanted to “be green” and reduce emissions, so solar PV was part of the solution as one of the available renewable energy technologies.   The initial costs of energy generated by solar PV were much higher […]

Chernobyl- From wasteland to Energy Haven?

To some it was a long time ago, while some remember it like it was yesterday. The disaster that occurred on April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl Ukraine has had a huge impact on not only the people surrounding the area, but all life in the area. 1,600 square miles now being deemed an exclusion zone, […]

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Plane Powered by Solar Energy Completes First Round- the -World Journey

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — The world’s first round-the-world flight to be powered solely by the sun’s energy made history Tuesday (local time) as it landed in Abu Dhabi, where it first took off on an epic 25,000-mile journey that began more than a year ago. Since its March 2015 take off, the Swiss-engineered […]

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How Solar Energy Really Works

While Solar Energy is becoming more and more popular every week, we have noticed that many people are still confused when it comes to how the sun can supply electricity to your tv, your fan, your computer, or even your car.  This guide can show you how this process works, and the science behind it, […]

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